Jubilee is a Program of Upper Valley MEND

Helping to Meet the Need of Our Local Community

Jubilee supports our local food bank/thrift store. Formed by eight area churches in 1983, the Community Cupboard has grown both in size and services in the past 20 years. Located in space donated by the city, it provides emergency services to local residents in need throughout the year. The Cupboard supplies food staples, meals, emergency shelter, rent & utility assistance and referrals, and is able to do so through the generous donations of food, thrift store goods, volunteer hours and finances. The ministries of Community Cupboard are truly an outpouring of community spirit!

Who We Are


Jubilee was founded in January of 1995 by John and Mary Schramm, shortly after they moved to Leavenworth, Washington. Leavenworth is a thriving tourist destination with dozens of shops and restaurants (many with a Bavarian theme), but without a Fair Trade store.  The Schramms have had the privilege of traveling to Africa and Central America and to see first hand the needs of people, especially women, in these parts of the developing world.  They decided, as a retirement opportunity, to help market crafts from co-ops run by artisans themselves. The ultimate goal is to assist in alleviating poverty and promoting economic justice.

With help from volunteers to help staff the store, and the Rieke family, who graciously donated space in their building, Jubilee became a reality. Many hands have joined together over the years to keep this wonderful store open for close to two decades!

After 16 years of running Jubilee, the Schramm's decided to retire (again!) and grasciously gifted Jubilee to Upper Valley MEND. Besides supporting artisans around the developing world your purchases now help to support people in the Upper Wenatchee Valley through the programs of MEND! A staff of professionals and volunteers continues the rich tradition of Jubilee today with an ever-expanding array of merchandise from around the globe including housewares, hand made goods, fair trade chocolate and clothing.

The Biblical name of Jubilee was chosen as the name for the shop because it speaks to the discrepancy between the rich and the poor and how God sought to equalize the playing field. Jubilee is a biblical word for justice. The word literally means a ram’s horn or trumpet. A loud trumpet blast signaled the beginning of Jubilee Year, a year of economic redistribution. This period of time was observed every 50 years as a step to alleviate the disparity between rich and poor. There are no trumpet blasts that sound when you enter this shop, but its goal is in the tradition of a concern for economic justice.

Purchasing a gift at Jubilee enables you to give in three ways - to the crafts person who created the item, organizations locally and globally that assist low income people and to the person for whom the gift was purchased.

Proceeds from Jubilee support Upper Valley MEND (Meeting Each Need with Dignity), a local umbrella organization that operates the Community Cupboard (a food bank, second-hand clothing store, and emergency assistance resource), a local free medical clinic, a home for developmentally disabled adults, and a community land trust called S.H.A.R.E. that provides affordable housing.